Eliza Holmes Experience with Brown University

My experience at Brown University this summer was incredible. I was part of the Pre-College Program at the University. I got to live in college dorms, meet people from all over the world, and participate in a college level course for two weeks. Going into the program, the greatest fear was that I was not going to make any friends, but the worry went away quickly. I realized that everyone was in the same situation that I was in. We were all away from home and with total strangers. It was easier to connect knowing that. Another concern of mine was that the course would be very challenging. The course I chose to take was on Media Psychology. I picked it because I am interested in people and their actions. I loved the course. It was challenging but not to the point where I wanted to give up. I learned many new things that I now can analyze in my daily life. Being away from the comfort of my home for two weeks was hard, but I now have knowledge that I wouldn’t have otherwise known. I met people who came from a variety of backgrounds, and I had experienced a new level of independence. My time at Brown will never be forgotten.