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The Edge Ensemble Theatre Company presents The Crucible by Arthur Mille



The verdict is in! "The Crucible" is "an excellent production, sensitively directed by Kim Dupuis," says Keene State College theatre professor Daniel L. Patterson. "Beautiful set and lights and an especially spooky and evocative soundtrack. The acting is good across the board but standouts are the old pro Peter Eisenstadter as Danforth, Dan Carberg as a very touching Hale, Mark DiPietro as the conflicted and tortured John Proctor, a man who doesn't think he's worthy of being seen as a hero, but who truly is. Emma Seidler is exquisite in a brilliantly nuanced and extremely moving performance as Elizabeth Proctor.

"The list is long of local talents young and old, including Ruby Dupuis- Morrison, Samantha DiPietro, Carrie Kidd, Chris Pratt, Margaret Crichlow Lynott, Andrew Bosworth, Ben Wise, Jenny Holan, Pamela Quirinale, Scott Aronowitz (as the poor overwhelmed Reverend Parris), Richard Behrens (the sinister Judge Hathorne), Tyler Strickland (the well-meaning but beleaguered Willard), Greg Pratt (the pompous and greedy Thomas Putnam). All distinguish this incredibly moving tale of the eternal struggle to maintain a sense of morality in a world striving to wrench it away from us. This is among the best ensembles I've seen in New England. One not to miss."

"Phenomenal!" said Janel Swanson. "The caliber of the acting, the set ... amazing. Loved it, and we see a lot of theater."

Four performances remain. Tonight, November 19, through Saturday, November 21, at 7:30 p.m. (with a spooky prelude beginning at 7:15) and a 2 p.m. matinee Sunday, November 22 (prelude begins at 1:45 p.m.) Reservations are strongly recommended. Reserve your seats today by emailing; calling 603-357-5657; visiting our web page at; or sending us a Facebook message!

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